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Welcome to Stage Right Consulting and Design. I am very excited to work with you on your project to achieve the results you desire. Book your consultation with me now and lets get started.

J. Alan Risher II



A Buyers First Impression

"Remember that the first impression does'nt start when you walk in the door. Rather, it is made when you see the house for the first time in person."

"Your first impression also included your listing photo. This is my home that I sold in 2023. This photo stopped scrollers in their tracks. In 24 hours we had over 5,000 views. We also had a couple travel to our open house just to see the house because it made such an impact on them. Remember this: There is no such thing as bad publicity. They may not have been in the position to purchase our home but their best friend, children or co-worker may have. been"



Your foyer or entryway is the first impression a potential buyer has to the inside of your home. Keep it simple, fresh and inviting. 

Highlight unique features of your home for that "wow" moment. 

Give your outdoor spaces the proper lighting to make them stand out to potential buyers. Don't neglect staging these spaces as well.

Simplicity goes a long way. this photo is clean but very telling. Tells the buyer that there is undercabinet lighting, an apron sink marble counter tops.

Don't be afraid your spaces are too "specific" for buyers. Savvy buyers know that in this photo, taking out the cart, Coke fridge and the wall displays will soften the area and make it feel larger.

Not Everyone wants a gym in their home BUT buyers can visually take the equipment out of this room and make it a home office, bedroom, theater or for any purpose that fits their needs.


When designing for a specific holiday use natural elements, like branches, to draw attention and it creates a visual interest.

Mixing vintage and modern creates a warm and nostalgic feeling. A B/W photo adding pops of color make beautiful holiday cards or invitations.

During the holidays its fun to incorporate a piece that holds baked good like cookies or pie. It gives the display another element, aroma.

Your holiday guests will want to take photos or selfies. Always give them a backdrop worthy of Instagram.

Using a seasonal color palette allows your decor to work well together. 




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